Disc Herniations in Melbourne Florida,  Rockledge, Viera, including the avenues, Cocoa, Cocoa beach, Merritt Island, Titusville, Port St. John, Mims, Palm Bay, Indialantic, satellite beach, Melbourne beach.

Disc Herniation

Disc Herniations be asymptomatic or cause you pain, numbness, or tingling. You may even have pain that goes down you leg know as sciatica. Many disc herniations are caused from physical trauma; such as lifting, sports, or an automobile accident. Some disc herniations occur as you age and is called disc degeneration.  When a disc is herniated, it can cause pain, muscle weakness, or a combination.  Diagnostic imaging to detect if you have an herniated disc include an MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CT (Computerized Tomography)scan.