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Here at La Starza Wellness we pride ourselves on taking state of the art digital X-Rays that provide us with the highest quality images available.

Digital X-ray vs. Conventional (Traditional)

x-ray-reviewConventional X-Ray

Conventional x-ray started in 1895, and has played a vital role in healthcare ever since. These machines are like cameras which use electromagnetic waves to develop images on film. As these electromagnetic waves go through your body, they are absorbed by bone, muscle, fat, and various other masses. The films must then be put into a dark room, and chemicals are used for development. This takes time, decreases image quality and exposes patients to too much radiation.

Here at La Starza Wellness we use state of the art Digital x-ray. This allows us to get fast and accurate results that allow the Doctor to more efficiently take and review images. 

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays require no film, as they use electronic sensors to capture and project images onto a computer screen. This advanced type of diagnostic imaging exposes patients to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Practitioners can manipulate images, control image density, highlight structures, adjust brightness, and magnify images to provide superior quality. Results are available within a few seconds for Doctors to analyze and can also be shared among healthcare professionals to better serve the patient.


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