Flexion Distraction Technique

Flexion Distraction is a chiropractic technique used to treat many conditions. The entire spine is in motion and most of the motion happens at the lower back.  It is a gentle, non-surgical technique that increases spinal motion and treats pinched nerves, disc bulges, and disc herniations.  It works well to take pressure off the discs and nerves as it restores motion and realigns the spine. This is a great technique to eliminate your pain.

Sacral Occipital technique (SOT) chiropractor in Viera, Florida.  SOT is also known as cranial sacral.  La Starza Wellness in Rockledge, Florida uses SOT and blocking techniques to end your pain. He is the best SOT chiropractor in Brevard County as stated by patients.

Applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing)
Is a system of Chiropractic that looks at structural, chemical, and mental stresses by using muscle testing and combining other standard methods of diagnosis.  Testing the muscles evaluates how the body is functioning through the musculoskeletal system.  There are many different forms of muscle testing.

Diversified (Gentle hands on manipulation)
Probably the most common chiropractic adjusting technique used by chiropractors.  One of the main and oldest techniques taught at most Chiropractic Colleges.

Dr. Marco La Starza is a Chiropractor in Rockledge Florida and is certified in acupuncture.  He uses a wide variety of chiropractic techniques and has been in Brevard county for over 10 years. 


SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique) (Cranial sacral)
The Saco Occipital technique uses art, science, and philosophy of optimizing the human body.  SOT uses functional, structural, and neurological principles and removes the stress in the body. Sacral (or Pelvic) blocks are used on the pelvis and positioned in a certain way, depending on where the stress is within the body.

La Starza Wellness is rated one of the best Chiropractic offices in Florida.  Treating disc pain, stenosis, disc herniations, disc bulges, pinched nerves, and many other health challenges. 

Extremity adjusting (Shoulder, wrist, ankle, elbow, knee, hip)
Many chiropractors only adjust the spine.  Here at La Starza Wellness, our Chiropractors are experienced to adjust extremities. It is important to adjust the spine and extremities in many cases. (ie neck pain radiating down the shoulder, pain in the shoulder, numbness in the hands, feet, pain going down the leg

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Melbourne, Florida.  La Starza Wellness in Rockledge, FLorida is known as one of the best chiropractors in upper cervical.

Neuro-Emotional technique(NET) in Rockledge, Florida La Starza Wellness. Clients have said La Starza Wellness is the best Chiropractor in Viera.


The state-of-the-art Chiropractic Impulse Adjusting Instrument restores your body's balance and function to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms with treatments that are as painless as possible.  This state-of-the-art technology is controlled by a microcomputer housed within the instrument that produces a controlled force that chiropractors can use to treat different areas of the body. "No Cracking or popping"

Gonstead (Gentle hands on manipulation)
Analyzing the spine specifically with x-rays and adjusting.  X-ray measurements are often taken on various views of the spine.  It is also very common to analyze a full spine radiograph. The patient is positioned to address and adjust one vertebral segment at a time.  Usually a Gonstead adjustment session, involves adjusting no more than a few areas per visit. Post x-rays are taken in many cases after treatment. 

If you are looking for an applied kinesiology Chiropractor in Rockledge, Florida call La Starza Wellness and see Marco La Starza.  He has studied applied kinesiology (AK) for years.  He will muscle test you and find out what nutritional supplements you are deficient in. Melbourne applied kinesiology (AK) Chiropractor will end your pain today and patients have said La Starza is the best Chiropractor in Brevard county.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
Combining Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and applied kinesiology, it focuses on eliminating negative emotional blocks and properly addressing any nutritional deficiencies.  After an NET treatment patients have stated that they “feel more relaxed,” and are “stress free.”

Upper Cervical
Upper Cervical has many different approaches with adjusting technique and analysis.  This adjusting technique is thought to have a very measured type of approach, rather than a manipulation style adjustment.  Special x-rays are taken to determine the best direction of force with the adjustment. 

Drop Table (Gravity assisted adjusting)
Also known as Thompson technique or Thompson drop-table technique.  Uses a specific adjusting table with different parts of the table that drop and use the weight of the patient.  The table is then placed in the up position before a force is applied and then the table is then engaged. 

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP)
Founded in the early 1980s, Chiropractic Biophysics uses a combination of exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and spinal traction.  The goal is to make a change in the persons posture and x-rays. We see many patients that need spinal correction.

Activator (Instrument adjusting)
No cracking or popping. The activator is a spring loaded adjusting tool used by many chiropractors. The activator instrument is placed on the vertebra that needs to be moved and then the Chiropractor engages the instrument allowing the pressure to come off of the nerve(s).  The activator gives off about 0.3J of kinetic energy in a 3 millisecond pulse.

Chiropractic Techniques

ICPA kids florida.  ICPA children brevard county Florida.  Best Chiropractor for kids in Florida. Dr. Marco La Starza has been called one of the best chiropractors for kids around as he has treated thousands of children. ICPA chiropractor that does webster technique. 

Activator Chiropractor in Rockledge, Florida is Marco La Starza and patients have said he is the best Chiropractor in Melbourne Florida.

Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments
Newborns, infants, and kids have a spine and nerve system and need to get checked to see if any misalignments (subluxations) are present, whether they have symptoms or not. Here at La Starza Wellness, we have years of experience treating kids.