Acupuncture in Rockledge, Florida.  Cocoa Village Acupuncture.  Best acupuncture in Brevard as stated by many patients.

Acupuncture in Rockledge, Florida.  Serving Viera, cocoa beach, melbourne, Titusville, Merritt Island, and all of brevard county.  La Starza Wellness uses gentle acupuncture, and acupuncture for all types of conditions.

NADA Ear Acupuncture
Also known as Acupuncture detoxification, acu detox, NADA acupuncture, 3 point protocol, 5 point protocol, 5NP, SMART protocol, and Auricular acupuncture (AA). Originally created for the treatment of addiction, it’s a complimentary treatment within a variety of health care and self- help settings.  NADA is used for addictions, behavioral health and PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder), cancer/blood disorders.  The US Department of Justice and the British Medical Journal publications  states that  the NADA protocol is best used as a component and not as a “cure all” for any condition.  Yale School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry website published an article called Ear Acupuncture : A tool for recovery. 

Teishin or Needleless Acupuncture
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and does not used needles to penetrate the skin. A Teishin is a spring loaded mechanical tool used to stimulate the acupuncture points.   

Acupuncture Techniques

Traditional Acupuncture

Using needles to gently stimulate various acupuncture points. Some points may be tender,and many patients do not even feel the needles.  We use points located throughout the entire body as well as the ear. All needles are disposable and only used once. 

Community acupuncture in Rockledge, Florida.  Ear acupuncture is also known as community acupuncture.  If you looking for acupuncture in Rockledge, Florida.  Serving Brevard county, including melbourne, Cocoa, Cocoa beach, Titusville, Merritt Island, Suntree, Viera.